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New properties in String
AsOrderedCollectionFromCSV Parses a string with standard CSV (Comma Separated Value) format, and returns an ordered collection of strings where each string is a field from the CSV string.
AsCSVString Takes an ordered collection and returns a string in standard CSV format.
SplitAtLineBreaks Takes a string which has embedded line break characters (ie. carriage-returns or linefeeds), such as you would encounter in a form, and returns an ordered collection of strings where each is a line delimited by the linebreak characters.

<While> system method for looping
The <while> method is similar to the <if> method in usage, and allows you to iteratively evaluate and include part of a document between <while> and </while>.

<Sleep> system method for pausing
The <sleep> method allows you to pause the execution of pop!siteTM. It can be used inside a <while> loop, for example, to test for the appearance of a file.

<pre> width attribute
We now accept the width attribute.

Beginning whitespace fixed
pop!site now eliminates whitespace at the beginning of the output HTML document.

<timestamp> methods getAsNumber and setAsNumber
The methods, getAsNumber and setAsNumber, can now be used to get and set the internal representation of a timestamp.


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