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File Extensions Changed
Adopting the official language name (now pop!talkTM - it used to be Active Markup) has caused us to change the file extensions used by pop!siteTM:

File Type Old Extension New Extension
pop!talk page (static) .am .pt
pop!talk page (server) .amx .ptx
pop!talk include file .ami .pti
pop!talk error file .ame .pte

Users who are upgrading from a previous version should rename their existing files accordingly. Also, because include files are now named .pti instead of .ami, you must update any <include>s that use files from the pop!site library.

Embedded Entities Allowed in Quoted Strings
pop!site will now recognize abbreviated expressions in quoted strings (e.g., attribute values). Thus you can change: <img src=&(imageDirectory + "/button.gif")> into <img src="/manual/starting/releases/ampimageDirectory/button.gif")>. Note that we only recognize abbreviated expressions in quoted strings, not complete expressions.

Input File Extension Switch renamed
The pop!site switch -p replaces the old switch -a, but still works the same. For more information, see Command-Line Operation of pop!site.

Input File Selection Relaxed
pop!site by default now compiles all files when the input is specified with a wildcard such as *.*. To narrow the selection, use the -p switch. For more information, see Command-Line Operation of pop!site.

Control Output File Extensions
pop!site now supports the -ox switch to specify the extension for output files. The default is .html as before. This switch is useful for generating HTML output files with a .htm extension. For more information, see Command-Line Operation of pop!site.

Mango.Exe Program Split and Renamed
In keeping with the final naming and structure of our products, we have split mango.exe into two files: pt.exe (command-line use for static pages) and ptx.exe (used for server-based pages). If you used the old mango.exe program on the command-line or files such as .cmd or .bat files, you'll need to use pt.exe now. If you used the old mango.exe for server-based pages, you'll need to (1) use ptx.exe instead of mango.exe in your URLs and (2) reconfigure the MIME type setting for your Web server.

New Icons
We have new icons for the four pop!site file types.

Extra Garbage Whitespace Eliminated
Earlier versions had a bug that could cause many extra blank lines to appear at the top of the output HTML file. This has been fixed.

New System Property product.languagename
We've added a new system property product.languagename. For more information, see Product.


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