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These notes don't really include everything we did for this release. We did so much that the only really good documentation for that is the whole site. We are, however, documenting certain changes that we think may impact existing sites using earlier versions of pop!siteTM.

Copying Files
There were some problems with using the -c switch to copy files. Under some circumstances the copies (not the originals) could be corrupted. This is fixed. Additionally, error handling while copying files is now more robust.

pop!talk Comments
We've added a new pop!site-only comment syntax that allows you to have comments in your pop!talkTM documents that are not passed out to the HTML file.

See Comments

Dynamic Mode Renamed
We have renamed "Dynamic Mode" to "Server Mode."

Memory and Performance
We've made various improvements in the amount of memory used by pop!site and how fast it runs.

Command-line Switch Bugs
We've made the -i command-line switch optional, so you can now just type pt We've fixed some bug in hanlding unlikely combinations of command-line switches.

Low Memory Situations
We have improved the behavior of the system in server mode under low memory situations.

Improved Error Reporting in Server Mode
There were some error conditions which, in server mode, were not reported back via the browser. This is fixed.

Expression Syntax
The syntax for expressions has changed. It used to be $(xxx), and is now &(xxx);. The old form is supported to maintain compatibility (but that won't last forever). We support two new forms for expressions. You can use &xxx if all you're doing is referencing a variable. You can also put multiple expressions inside the &() and separate them with ';'s.

See Variables and Expressions

Errors Using Shell Integration
In some cases, the error files generated by pop!site when using shell integration were not getting loaded correctly into the default text editor. This is fixed.

Object Renamed to Thing
We have renamed the root object. It used to be called 'Object' -- it's now 'Thing'.

These fields were not accessible (as the doc claimed) from the RequestParameters object. This is fixed.

Scoping Bugs
Fixed the following scoping bugs, where, in each case, the variable "z" wasn't being seen:

<declare name="z" scope="local" value="walrus">
<read file="read1.h">

<declare name="z" scope="local" value="walrus">

<define name="foomac">
<declare name="z" scope="local" value="walrus">

&(foo =;



<a> Classify Macro Dropping Attributes
The <a> macro that does link classification (see the Macro Library) used to not understand (and pass thru) all of the HTML standard attributes for <a>. It now does.

Infinite Recursion
We now detect situations in which a pop!talk document is infinitely recursing. A nice error is generated.

Preview HTML File Location
The 'Preview in Browser' now places the generated HTML in the same folder as the source file. It used to go into a temporary directory.

Exception Handling
pop!site now deals much more robustly with exceptions (errors). If an exception occurs while processing many files (using wildcards), pop!site will continue to process other files. Exceptions which occur while processing exceptions are handled (as gracefully as can be expected).


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