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New File Types
pop!siteTM sets up the Windows95 and Windows NT 4.0 shell to recognize pop!talkTM files with the extensions ".pt", ".ptx", ".pti", and ".pte".

Command line switches
pop!site has a number of command line switch changes - the major changes are:

  • A space is now required between a switch and its value
  • The switch names have been changed.

Multiple configurations
You can pre-build multiple static versions of a web site using Multiple Configurations.

Configurable include path
pop!site now supports configurable search paths.

pop!site software license
Starting with this version, pop!site starts "nagging" after 15 days, and completely expires after 30 days.

pop!site now ships with a variety of sample web pages.
<> did not return the current time (as it should have). It now does.

Minimized null attribute values
An attribute value that is null is discarded when formatting the final output document. This is useful when writing a macro which passes through optional arguments to another tag.

<product.legalmessage> incorrectly documented
<product.legalmessage> was incorrectly documented as <>


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