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pop!siteTM produces warning and error messages in the following format:

filename(linenumber) : level number : message


  • filename is the name of the file where the error (or warning) occurred
  • linenumber is the line number at which the error (or warning) occurred
  • level is the type of message:
    • Fatal - An error has occurred that prevents further processing (e.g., out of memory)
    • Error - An error in the pop!talkTM document
    • Warning - A warning about the pop!talk document
    • Info - An informational message
    • Debug - Debugging information for Pragmatica (not normally visible to users)
  • number is the message number
  • message is the text of the message.

For example: : error 1069: No such object 'macro1'

Notice that 'macro1' is enclosed in single quotes. All variable information in a message is enclosed in single quotes.

Yeah, we know...
We know we need to have a complete inventory of all our messages with full explainations. Until we get this up here, please contact us if you're having trouble with one of our messages.

Errors in Server Generated Documents

Errors (warnings, etc.) encountered in server documents generate a page in the browser which includes the messages and other relevant statistics.

Here's an example of such a page:

Document Error

The server was unable to process your request. Please record the following information and provide it to the administrator of this site:

Error and Warning Messages:

testing.ptx(3) : error 1069: No such object 'paulk'
testing.ptx(4) : error 1069: No such object 'ingrid'
testing.ptx(5) : error 1069: No such object 'sjkcpa'


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