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pop!siteTM and pop!site desktop
    pop!site Both products look and feel like HTML, but put a new degree of power and flexibility in your hands. Now you can build your site quicker and dramatically reduce maintenance time. And you don't need an advanced degree in Computer Science to use it-- your knowledge of HTML will get you going right away.

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Webweek reviews pop!site
WebweekRecently, Webweek took a look at the evolution of web tools, and gave high praise to pop!site's functionality. "Not only does [it] make the job of marking up a page easier, it also makes it possible to change the whole look-and-feel of a site more easily..."
Check out the whole story at, to find out more.

Check out the redesign of our BrowserCapsTM site, a free resource for making sure your site speaks to the broadest range of users possible. Make note of the way the site handles incoming browsers--it's pretty cool. The entire site redesign took about 2 weeks--thanks to pop!site.

pop!site desktop for Macintosh Enters Testing
Shhh. Don't tell anyone yet, but the Macintosh version of pop!site desktop is just around the corner. We (and some of our customers) are currently testing the alpha version. Macintosh And, yes, it's integrated with BBEdit. Serious site designers: get ready! The beta release is coming soon and it'll be available to everyone. Watch this space, or join the pop-announce mailing list and we'll let you know when it's available...
Hand-Craft Your Pages Like the Pros
Sure. Some of those "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" web page builders sound good, but most people learn pretty quickly that those tools aren't good for much more than prototyping a small site.

If you hand edit HTML to build your web site, you're not alone. In fact, most professional web designers build their web pages by hand, editing the HTML in a text editor. It's the only way they can get the control they need. Unfortunately, that's a lot of HTML to cut-and-paste and search-and-replace. Luckily, there's pop!site. Check it out.

p o p ! u l a r
o p i n i o n

...pop!site is truely original...You'll be amazed at the time you'll save using pop!site for your web site.
      - Win95 Magazine

......pop!talkTM is an extension of HTML that's simple to learn yet powerful...For people who need to add new content to their site and don't want to do a lot of cutting and pasting, pop!site is a very usable solution.
      - CNET

...pop!site lets you do tons of stuff that you could only do if you used CGI programming in the past...without the programming. And managing humongous Web sites becomes as easy as getting Chris Farley to eat a bucket of fried chicken...nothin to it.
      - Cool Tool of the Day

pop!site is another great new product...rather than the tedious and time-consuming tasks of cut-and-paste and search-and-replace that have traditionally been part of coding in a text editor, pop!site lets you create reusable HTML components that can be updated by simply modifying a single macro, instead of manually making changes to each HTML file.
      - Web Developer Online

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